2016 Reservations

 The holidays are over and spring is on its way. We are taking reservations for 2016, be sure to call early to reserve your desired dates. Remember holidays and events book up quickly.

(list will be updated as events register and remember these dates and holidays go fast for accommodations)

March 31/April 3 – March Moto Madness in Tellico Plains TN (adventure riding)
March 31/April 3 – Gensport Spring Run of the Dragon INFO

April 22/24 – Wake the Dragon Honda S2000 Spring Meet at Tapoco Lodge
April 15/17 – Wookies in the Woods VW R32 Group
April 14/17 – Deals Gap Rotary Rally 11
April 20/24 – Buell Ebr Dragon IX
April 28/May 1 – Quattro de Mayo 2016
April 29/May 1 – Annual Boxer Takeover

May 5/8 – Yellow Mustang Registry at the Dragon
May 11/15 – Minis on the Dragon
May 13/15 – Thunder in the Smokies Spring Rally Maggie Valley
May 1/3 – 7th Annual New Beetles on the Dragon INFO
May 20/22 – 5th Annual Subaru Forester Deal’s Gap Meet
May 20/22 – Blue Mustang Registry 1st Annual Scenic City Stampede at the Dragon INFO
May 31/June 5 – 2016 Sling Shot Rally in Maggie Valley

July 28/31 – Miatas at the Gap XX

August 18/21 – OutSMARTing the Dragon 2016 at Fontana Village

September 9/11 – Women’s Sportbike Rally East at the Dragon
September 31/October 1 – 6th AWD Army Group Event at the Dragon

October 8 – 9th Annual Attack the Dragon Meet
October 25/26 – Audi Club of North America Fall Tour at the Tail



Spring 2013

 The Dragon Pitt is the perfect central base camp for all the great rides. All of our inn guests will receive a complimentary motorcycle coaster and if you are a returning guest from 2012, just ask us for a free 2012 patch and sticker while supplies last. The Dragon Pitt BBQ is now open and The Pitt is also available for after hour or closed day breakfasts and dinners to serve our motel guests upon advanced requests.

The 2013 season is finally here and we are looking forward to hosting all our returning customers and meeting new ones. Contact us and let us know what we can do to make your trip comfortable and memorable.

 Upcoming area events:

March 28-31 Christian Motorcycle Association CMA at the Ironhorse to Slay the Dragon

April 12-14 S2000 Rockin’ the Dragon
April 18-21 Deals Gap Rotary Rally – Headquartered at Nantahala Village – Rally
April 18-21 4th Annual C30s Conquer the Dragon
April 24-28 2013 SRT-4 Tail of the …Dragon Run
April 26-28 BMW Motorcycle Owners of America at Fontana
April 28-May 4 The Vintage 2 Strokes at the Tail of the Dragon.

May 1-5 MINIs on the Dragon
May 3-5 Mustang Mafia of America 6th Annual Slaying of the Dragon
May 3-5 5th Annual New Beetles at the Dragon
May 3-5 Thunder in the Smokies Spring Rally
May 10-11 Shinefest 2013 at Fontana Village with Matt Stillwell
May 17-19 5th Gen Camaros of the Carolinas
May 18-19 National Capital Chapter of the BMW Car Club America
May 28 -June 1 Tennessee State H.O.G. Rally, Maryville TN

June 7-9 10th Annual SV Rally
June 14-16 1st Annual Green Knights Military Motorcycle Rally
June 23-24 Chasing the Dragon Hillclimb at Maple Springs

July 26-28 Miatas at the Gap XVII

August 3-4 Chasing the Dragon Hillclimb at Maple Springs
August 22-25 5th Annual OutSMARTing the Dragon

Sept 12-15 2nd Tail of the Dragon Meet
Sept 13-15 Thunder in the Smokies Fall Rally
Sept 17-23 Z1000 Meet at the Dragon
Sept 29-Oct 2 Boone Trail Corvette Club holding their Dragons and Castles Road Trip